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About us
Baguales Group is not just a company, it is a lifestyle. An encounter with nature, riding with friends through Patagonia, looking for livestock, or exploring by kayak. We consider it a privilege to lead a life away from the bustle and stress of big cities. And it makes us happy to help each of our clients create an unforgettable journey. Far from the hoards of tourists, we enjoy taking you to places where others do not venture.
Baguales Group was created in 2002 by Argentine Juan Pablo Alvarez Solay. Raised in Argentine Patagonia, Juan Pablo spent many years exploring the lesser known corners of the region. This lover of adventure and the mountains guides horseback riding, kayaking and fishing tours. He participates regularly in first aid courses and is also licensed for kayak rescue. Most of Baguales Group’s horseback riding, kayaking and fishing trips are led by him personally.
Regina Husmann has been a member of the company since 2008. In 2005, she arrived to Patagonia for the first time fell in love with the landscape at the end of the world. Regina especially enjoyed the “off the beaten track” tours led by Baguales Group, which lured her back to Patagonia. Passionate about marvelous landscapes and the simple life, she left her job as a financial consultant at a private bank in Switzerland and started to travel throughout South America, before deciding to settle down and live in Puerto Natales. Regina gladly accepted Juan Pablo’s offer to join the Baguales Group family, and since then she happily helps you organize and plan your trips to the region.
Meet our friends and guides, who are key to the success of our excursions. Without them we could not create such original adventure programs of the caliber we wish to provide you.
Veronica Orellana - Chilean - Born in Punta Arenas, she has lived in Puerto Natales since she was 8 years old. Working in tourism since she was 18 years old, Veronica is a horseback riding and trekking guide, who is fluent in English and Italian. She knows everything about the region's history, flora, fauna and aboriginal groups in Patagonia. Enam Studies (Escuela Nacional de Alta Montaña), WFR.

Luciano Gonzalez - Native of Argentina and living in Chile for the last 8 years ago – Baqueano and captain of semi-rigid boats, Luciano is an excellent horseback riding guide and one of the best for long expeditions in the Mount Balmaceda area. WFR.

Miguel Iturriaga - Chilean - Considered one of the best semi-rigid boat captains navigating the difficult waters of the Última Esperanza Province’s rivers and fjords. With great spirit and joy, Miguel safely transports us on time and—when needed—evacuates us from an area at any time of day or night. This is greatly important when exploring the wilder areas of the Última Esperanza Fjord and Serrano River.
Luis Alberto Guerrero (Pekin) - Chilean - Born in Puerto Natales - Baqueano pioneer of these lands and owner of one of the best estancias in the region—due to its unique location, tranquility and the originality of its facilities. An expert guide on horseback, Luis is one of the best for scouting out new routes never before traveled. He also owns horses, accustomed to the difficult terrain of the Balmaceda sector.
Juan Luis Guerrero - Chilean - Born in Puerto Natales - Son of Pekin Guerrero. Multitalented, Juan Luis is a semi-rigid boat captain, a great tamer of horses and dogs used for field work, craftsman who creates tools designed for the difficult work of their land. Raised in the isolated area of Mount Balmaceda, he knows the land with his eyes closed.
Israel Ruiz - Chilean - Born in Puerto Natales - An excellent captain of semi-rigid boats in the fjords and rivers of the region with vast knowledge of the local flora and fauna, Israel guides trekking and fishing excursions in the Mount Balmaceda area. WFR.
Francisco Videla - Chilean - Born in Puerto Natales – In addition to being a CONAF Park Ranger in the Glacier Serrano Sector, Francisco is also an expert guide for the Mount Balmaceda area and a semi-rigid boat captain of the region’s fjords and rivers. A good friend for fishing and kayaking expeditions, Francisco always opens the door to his shelter in the Serrano Sector, to warm us up and share a few matés (typical hot tea of the region).
Olmen Astorga - Chilean - Born in Puerto Natales and living in Torres del Paine since childhood - Baqueano and tamer of horses for work in difficult terrains, Olmen is an excellent horseback riding guide, not to mention one of the best for long expeditions in the area of Mount Balmaceda and Torres del Paine National Park. Together with his brother, Gonzalo, they provide us crucial logistical support, making our programs a reality.
Gonzalo Astorga -Chilean - Born in Puerto Natales - Like his older brother Olmen Astorga, Gonzalo was raised in Torres del Paine and works with his family on the land. One of the most helpful baqueanos in helping us create new horseback riding routes, Gonzalo is one of the horseback riding guides you will surely get to know on our trips.
Adán Paredes - Chile - Born in Puerto Natales - Baqueano and tamer of horses for field work and excursions. With his brother, Chino, they help us develop the best one-day programs in the Puerto Natales area, as well as multi-day trips from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park.
David Paredes (Chino) - Chilean - Born in Puerto Natales - Like his brother, Adán, Chino works as a local baqueano and tamer of horses. Chino is the first baqueano we call for long, difficult journeys in the Magellan Region, because of his vast knowledge of the province’s different areas and trails.
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