Fly Fishing trip in Torres del Paine - Patagonia Chile  


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Fly Fishing in Patagonia Chile  
Fishing is abundant in many rivers and lakes in the province, which is considered one of the best areas for fishing. The area offers fans of sport fishing coveted prizes, like the Chinook salmon often weighing over 36 kg.- a great challenge for any fisherman.

The fishing season is open from 15 October to 15 April. It is mandatory to catch and release the fish, which means that the fish caught must be returned to the water source with the utmost care.

Fishing sectors can be found throughout the province. You can fish from boats or from the coast (practicing fly fishing, spinning or trolling methods).

Baguales Group provides all necessary services, from accommodation coordination, private transport and logistics. We do it so that our passengers do not waste important time and can travel from the airport of Punta Arenas directly to the fishing sites.

We offer basic sample programs, where you can feel free to let us know your expectations and preferences, so we can construct the itinerary that’s right for you. This way, we adjust the rates and services according to the preferences of each fisherman. These programs can last from one to several days, and they can also be combined with other activities.

Some areas are easily accessible, while others are more difficult and require the use of boats or horses. The more difficult to access areas provide greater peace and abundance of fish, as they have not felt the impact of large numbers of visitors—an important point to think about when choosing the area where you would most like to fish.



1 day - Fly Fishing Río Serrano.

1 day - Fly Fishing Rivers around Torres del Paine.

3 days - Fly Fishing Lago Brush.

3 days - Fly Fishing Lago Azul - Fiordo Ultima Esperanza

Fly Fishing - Torres del Paine - Patagonia
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