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The Torres del Paine National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in South America. It is also one of the most visited parks in Patagonia by trekking lovers. The full Circuit is a 7-day backpacking trip around the Paine Massif. It’s what outdoor enthusiasts dream about, and it is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind adventure.
The total distance of the hike is 115 km. Each member of the group carries only a small backpack with daily meals and a sleeping bag. All equipment not needed during the day on the trail will be carried by horses and porters. Accommodation on the Big Circuit is a combination of camping in tents and sleeping in mountain shelters, known as refugios.

Start: Puerto Natales
End: Puerto Natales
Duration: 7 days
Distance: 115 km.
Difficult: Medium-High
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Day 1 • Puerto Natales – Refugio Dickson

We pick you up from your accommodation in Puerto Natales early in the morning, and we head to Torres del Paine National Park in private transfer. On the way to the Park, your guide will point out how the landscape changes from the ice field to the Patagonian steppe. You will also see some of the typical fauna of the region.
The first day’s hike is the longest during the entire circuit. We walk about 10 hours to the beautiful area of Refugio Dickson. This section features one of the easier terrains, ideal to begin to adapt physically. From tonight’s campsite, you will have a spectacular view of the Dickson Glacier. Camping.

Duration: 10 hrs.
Distance: 32

Day 2 • Refugio Dickson – Camping Los Perros

Today we start a relaxing and enjoyable walk of about 4 hours through forests that are typical of the region. We walk along the Los Perros River until we reach our next campsite, named by the river alongside it. Camping.

Duration: 4 hrs.
Distance: 10 km.

Day 3 • Camping Los Perros – Paso Garner – Glacier Grey

This is the most demanding day of our program. We cross "John Garner Pass," which at 1,241 m, marks the highest point of our trek. From here, if weather conditions allow it, we will have stunning panoramic views of Glacier Grey and the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, from which it flows. After making it over the pass, the terrain continues to be steep, requiring all of our attention, a firm step, and steady walking. Tonight’s accommodation is in Refugio Grey.

Duration: 10 hrs.
Distance: 14 km.

Day 4 • Glacier Grey – Lake Pehoe

This morning, there is time to take a short walk to observe and enjoy the magnificent view of Glacier Grey. You can also choose to take an excursion to walk with crampons on top of the glacier (additional cost).
After lunch, we continue hiking for approximately 3½ hours. We leave the glacial sector for a lovely walk between Paine Grande (3,050 m) and Grey Lake. This evening’s lodging is at Refugio Paine Grande, located on beautiful, turquoise Lake Pehoe, with a unique view of the Paine Horns (2,600 m).

Duration: 3½ hrs.
Distance: 11 km.

Day 5 • Lake Pehoe – French Valley – Refugio Los Cuernos.

Today we visit the famous French Valley. From Refugio Paine Grande, we walk about 2½ hours to Italian camp, the entry point to French Valley. From here the terrain becomes more rugged, because the valley entrance is made up of a glacial moraine consisting of huge boulders. This demanding part of the walk will last about 1½ hours, at which point we will reach magnificent views of the valley’s interior. Here, we can appreciate its many walls and granite peaks, which resemble a giant natural amphitheater.
During today’s hike, we will also have wonderful views of Paine Grande (3,050 m), the highest mountain peak with the most hanging glaciers in Torres del Paine National Park. The most famous of these hanging glaciers is the French Glacier. It certainly is an impressive moment when a large block of ice calves and falls deep inside the valley, producing a mighty roar.
After spending some time enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of French Valley, we head back down and continue along the Horns of Paine (2,600 m) toward our next refugio. After 7-8 hours, we reach our goal for the day, Refugio Los Cuernos, situated on the shore of Lake Nordenskjöld and at the foot of the Principal Horn, rising up into the sky.

Duration: 7-8 hrs.
Distance: 18 km.

Day 6 • Refugio Los Cuernos – Refugio Chileno

Today we continue walking along Lake Nordenskjöld, between the Horns and Mount Almirante Nieto. During this part of the hike, we start looking eastward, where the mountains become lower and where the wind sometimes produces a show, creating figures in the clouds. This is also an excellent area for viewing the king of the winds, the condor, which nests on vertical walls of the Paine Massif.
Finally, we enter Ascension Valley where we will spend the night in Refugio Chileno.

Duration: 5 hrs.
Distance: 14 km.

Day 7 • Refugio Chileno – Base of the Torres – Puerto Natales.

Today is a day to take advantage of, by getting up very early to see the highlight of this circuit: “The Towers of Paine” at dawn. We leave the refugio to begin a 7-8 hour hike of medium difficulty, which leads us to the base of the three granite towers.
We continue up through Ascension Valley, for about 1 hour, traversing a relatively mild terrain of peaks and valleys, until we reach the Towers campsite. From here, the trail continues for another hour along a steep slope with stone steps. We then arrive to the foot of the three towers, which rise vertically 1,000 m, in front of a small glacial lake. Here, we rest and contemplate the imposing Towers at sunrise while enjoying a hot drink.

Afterward, we return along the same path, which will take us to the Laguna Amarga Sector, where our vehicle will be waiting to take us back to Puerto Natales.

Duration: 5½ hrs.
Distance: 15 km.


More Options

Ice hiking and ice climbing: On day 4, it is possible to hike on the Grey Glacier with crampons for about 3 hours. Alternatively, you can choose to do some ice climbing on the glacier. (Both options carry an additional cost.)

Tent or Mountain Shelter (Refugio): Starting from days 3-6 of the tour, you can choose to change your accommodation from the refugios to camping in tents. Every night spent in a tent will reduce the price by $6.000 CLP per person/per day. If you choose to sleep in tents, we will provide all the equipment necessary for the climatic conditions of Patagonia.

It is possible to start and finish the trip in Punta Arenas. (Additional costs apply.)


The walks are technically easy. The trails only become a bit more difficult on day 3 for John Garner Pass and day 7 while walking the last hour to the Base of the Towers. In these sections, the trail becomes steep and rocky with big steps, so strongand stable walking is required. Strong winds can also make some of the hikes more difficult.


The refugios have rooms with 4-8 beds to share with other hikers. They have hot showers, and the bathrooms are shared.

You will receive a dry bag to store your personal belongings not required during the day’s hike. Porters will transport your full dry bag, which should not exceed 5 kilograms.

Our water supply comes from the rivers and lakes of the areas we visit. In this area of Patagonia, the water is pure and drinkable, without problems.

Climate and Temprerature

Patagonia is known for its changeable weather and high winds. Even the summers can be very cool and rainy. Appropriately warm clothing and equipment are required.


Each participant must bring a backpack with a capacity of 40-50 liters, large enough to carry a sleeping bag, daily food, water and rain gear.

Strong and impervious footwear
Warm clothes
Rain jacket
Rain pants
Cap or wool hat
Clothes to change into
Walking poles
Sandals or something similar (Hiking boots are to be left outside the refugios.)
Sunglasses (optional)



Bilingual guide (Spanish / English / German), with WFR training, VHF radio and first aid kit.
Private Transfers from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine and back to Puerto Natales.
2 nights accommodation in tents.
4 nights accommodation in the refugios.
Full board.
Sleeping bags.
Porters and horses for the group’s gear and personal equipment, up to 5 kg each.
Dry bags.

Not included

Entrance fees for Torres del Paine National Park.
Drinks at dinner.

Groups have a maximum of 8 persons.
It is possible to exceed this maximum for tour operator or family groups.

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