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Navigations through the Chilean Fjords

Sea crossings generally begin from Puerto Natales and head south through the Señoret Canal, Ate. Montt Gulf, Angostura Kirke, Unión Sound, Sarmiento, Concepción and Wide Canals, and Eyre Sound.
In these journeys, we visit the glaciers that fall on the west bank of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field—which most notably includes Glacier Pio XI—located on the northern side of the ice field at the end of Eyre Sound. It is the largest glacier in the Southern Hemisphere, with a surface of 1,242 km2 (larger than Santiago, the capital of Chile).
Glacier Pio XI’s great size makes it a true colossus of ice, with a front face of approximately 6 km, a length of 64 km and towers, which rise up to 75 meters. It is one of the few glaciers that is actually advancing; its recorded progress toward the sea in recent years is up to 10 km. Glacier Pio XI is milleniums of years old, and it’s one of 48 glaciers that stem from the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, whose area spans 13,000 km2, stretching across the Andes Mountains over 350 km.

The natural beauty of this area is manifested through a wide variety of fauna and flora. Here you can observe Red-Legged Cormorants as well as other cormorant species, steamer ducks, dolphins, cypress trees, lenga and ñires beech trees and ferns. The wildlife and landscape never cease to amaze lovers of ecology.

Regular and weekly trips:

Organized navigations for scientific and sports tourism connect the towns of Caleta Tortel—located to the north of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field—to Puerto Natales in the extreme south.

Ferri Weekly: Puerto Mont / Puerto Natales / Puerto Mont.

Navimag Ferries will take you to travel the Patagonia almost throughout its length. Navigating between fjords and canals you can marvel at the beauty of the virgin jungle of the south of the world, the incredible species of birds and marine fauna that will greet the passage of the boat when touring the fjords of Chile.
The Navimag ferries and the route from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt crossing the southern fjords make it an excellent alternative to complete the trip after visiting Torres del Paine National Park, which is only 115 kms. Approximately from Puerto Natales. Do not travel by plane and enjoy a different experience in a natural environment, better navigate the Patagonia and live an adventure.

3 NIGHTS | From US $ 850
+ Boarding fee US $ 10

Cruise Skorpios

KAWESKAR Route - 4-Day / 3-Night Cruises
Sailing on the Skorpios III Motonave every Tuesday and Friday (check sailing schedule) and returning on Mondays and Fridays from October to April from the Skorpios Terminal in the city of Puerto Natales, located 2,500 km south of Santiago, Which can be reached by air from Punta Arenas or by land from Argentina, starting this 3-night sea crossing to the Southern Ice Field, sailing 380 miles to visit the largest number of glaciers in this region; Amalia, El Brujo, the Calvo Fjord, Bernal and Herman glaciers. Some 15 glaciers where we will carry out activities such as sightseeing, contemplation, walks to your front and moraine and sailing between colored ice floes on expedition vessels, such as Captain Constantine, during which we can observe the varied flora and fauna of Patagonia, Virgin and wild state.

This sea of islands, channels and fjords is one of the least explored areas of the planet, even though its history includes legendary navigators and explorers like Ladrillero, Darwin and Fitz Roy, to name only a few.

We invite you to continue to explore one of the most remote places on earth.

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