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When should I travel to Patagonia?
Most people visit the region in summer, between November and March, and we call this the high season. Temperatures are generally warmer and the trails more accessible. October and April tend to be a bit cooler. But with Patagonia’s extremely changeable weather, any day of the year could be warmer or colder. In recent years, winters have generally been warmer, making winter a good opportunity to visit Torres del Paine National Park. In winter, the wind is calmer and the prices are lower, due to it being the off-season.

What’s the weather like in Torres del Paine?
The weather is unpredictable, with strong winds and sudden storm surges. In summer there is almost always wind, and temperatures range between 10-20 degrees Celcius. Don’t forget that the climate of this area is famous, because you can often see all four seasons in one day.

Do I need a Visa to enter Chile?
Visas are not required to enter Chile or Argentina for most European countries, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. But you should always check your country’s requirements before you begin your trip.

Can I drink the water in Patagonia?
In our programs, the water supply is from rivers and lakes in the areas we visit. In this corner of Patagonia, the water is absolutely pure and you can drink it without any problems. For those who wish to purify their water, it is recommended to travel with chlorine tablets or water filters. We also recommend to take a look around your potential water source before drinking or refilling your bottle. While the water is of good quality, there are always some travelers who do not understand or respect the cleanliness of natural places.

How can I withdrawal money in Chile?
The currency of Chile is the Chilean peso. It is easy to change U.S. Dollars or Euros at any of the exchange houses in town. The least problematic and cheapest way to get pesos is to withdraw money from an ATM, using a debit card with a Maestro or similar symbol. The exchange rate from the ATM directly is usually much better than at the exchange houses. Also, it is recommended to take out the maximum possible, as each ATM charges a fixed fee for each withdrawal. Only in an emergency, is it recommended to withdraw money from a credit card, as the rates are very high. You may wish to use your credit card in restaurants, hotels and travel agencies instead.



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